martes, 18 de marzo de 2008

Funciones para usar el Twitter desde el jabber

follow user Follow a user's tweets - you will receive all her updates.
leave user Stop updates from the user (but leave her in your friend list).
delete user Drop the user from your friend list.
invite email/number Send a twitter invite to a friend's mail or phone.
whois user Ask Twitter to return a quick info about the given user.
off Turn off all messages to you. Sending it twice will even silence direct messages.
on Will turn the messages on again.
d user message Send the message as a private message to the given user. This message will not appear in any public time line and is usually delivered via email, too.
track term Subscribe to tweets containing term regardless who posted it. You don't need to follow anyone to get those notices.
untrack term Stop the tracking of a term and get no longer messages about it.
untrack all Delete your whole list of tracked terms.
track Ask twitter to return a list of all currently tracked terms.
stats Ask for some basic statistics like number of followers and your track list.

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